Scratch That: From “Bitcoin” to “Blockchain”

I’ve made the decision to update the name of this blog early in its existence. I initially named it “Bitcoin for the Billions” in reference to the worthy use case of bitcoin to positively impact the financial services available to the populations of the world that are most in need. Noble, of course, but too narrow.

I’ve switched the title from “bitcoin” to “blockchain” for the simple reason that naming it under the moniker of bitcoin is limiting. Despite labeling myself a “bitcoin believer” I feel the scope of bitcoin alone would grossly overlook the big picture of blockchain technologies potential to disrupt and positively impact an array of industries and socioeconomic ecosystems. In fact, if you already have a sound understanding of bitcoin what keeps you coming back for more are the potential 2.0 applications of blockchain technology to manifest their own disruption while simultaneously contributing to the bitcoin ecosystem.

It is worth noting that it is slightly ironic that I make this update in the midst of a characteristic bitcoin price rally – that’s not lost on me. Here’s to both bitcoin and the blockchain! Cheers.


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